Polymer Innovation for Advanced Organic Electronics (PI-AOE) at Purdue University

Current Members and Alumni

Research Scientist

Mei group member

Liyan You (RS)
B.S., Hefei University of Technology, 2006
Ph.D., Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2011
Senior Scientist/Group Leader, WuXi AppTec (STA), 2011-2015
Year entered group: Nov. 2015
Research interest: Polymer Synthesis and Manufacturing.
Email: you33@purdue.edu

Mei group member

Dr. Kai Lang (RS)
Ph.D., University of Florida, 2011
​Year entered group: Mar. 2021
Research interest: Organic Synthesis and Catalysis
Email: lang88@purdue.edu

​Postdoctoral Fellows

Mei group member

Jinhyo Hwang (PD)

B.S., Seoul Women’s University, Korea, 2015 

Ph.D., Korea University (Advisor: Dong Hoon Choi), Korea, 2022 

Year entered group: Sep. 2022 

Research interest: Organic and Polymer Synthesis 

Email: hwang251@purdue.edu 

Mei group member

Won-June Lee (PD)

Ph.D., Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), 2021, Materials Science and Engineering; Advisor: Myung-Han Yoon

Year entered group: May 2022

Research Interest: Transparent Ion Storage Materials and Electrochromic Display


Mei group member
Jagrity Chaudhary (PD)
M.Sc., Patna Science College, Patna University, India, 2015
Ph.D., Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, Pilani Campus, India, 2021
(Advisor: Prof. Ram Kinkar Roy and Prof. Inamur R. Laskar)
You entered group: Nov. 2021
Research Interests: Computational Chemistry and Organic Synthesis.
Email: chaudhj@purdue.edu
Mei group member
Yoon-Ho Lee (PD) (co-advised with Prof. Letian Dou)
B.S., Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 2012
M.Sc., Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (Advisor: Joon Hak Oh), Korea, 2015
Ph.D., Pohang University of Science and Technology (Advisor: Joon Hak Oh), Korea, 2019
Year entered group: Sep. 2021
Research interest: Perovskite Materials and Optoelectronics
Email: lee4136@purdue.edu
Mei group member
Vaidehi Pandit  (PD)B.Sc. (Hons.), University of Delhi (Miranda House), India, 2014; M.Sc., I.I.T. Mandi, India, 2016Ph.D., University of Queensland, Australia, July 2021 (Advisor: Prof. Paul Burn)​Year entered group: Sep. 2021Research interest: Organic and Polymer SynthesisEmail: vpandit@purdue.eduOther interests: Enjoy hiking, traveling, and Bollywood dance.
Mei group member
Inho Song (PD)
B.S., Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, 2014
Ph.D., Pohang University of Science and Technology (Advisor: Joon Hak Oh), Feb 2019
Year entered group: Sep. 2021
Research interest: Electrochemical Materials and Devices
Email: song735@purdue.edu
Mei group member

Ashkan Abtahi (PD)
B.S., University of Tehran, 2013
Ph.D., University of Kentucky, 2020 
(Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Graham and Dr. Joseph Brill)
​Year entered group: Dec. 2020
Research interest: Electrochemical Devices and Charge Transport in OSC
Email: aabtahi@purdue.edu
Other interests: Enjoy hiking and mountain climbing, traveling, and reading Sci-fi books.

Mei group member

Wenting Wu (PD) 
B.S., Qingdao University, 2014
Ph.D., Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Advisor: Xike Gao), Oct 2019
Year entered group: Oct. 2019
Research interest: Organic and Polymer Synthesis
Email: wu1595@purdue.edu

Mei group member

Ke Ma (PD) 
​Gilbreth Fellow jointly with Prof. Letian Dou
B.S., Zhejiang University, 2013
Ph.D., University of Colorado Boulder, Chemical Engineering (Advisor: Jennifer N Cha), 2017
Year entered group: Aug. 2019
Research interest: Thin Film Energy Devices 
Email: ma636@purdue.edu​​

Mei group member

​Graduate Students

Mei group member
Lawal Adewale Ogunfowora (GS) -2021 (Graduate Teaching Assistant)
B.S., University of Ibadan, 2019
Research Assistant, FUTMinna, 2019-2020
Research Interest: Machine Learning & Polymer Synthesis.
Email: Logunfow@purdue.edu
Mei group member
Jianing Zhou (GS) - 2021 (Graduate Teaching Assistant)
B.E.  South China University of Technology, 
M.S University of Akron
Research Interest: Organic and Polymer SynthesisEmail: zhou1225@purdue.edu
Mei group member

Mustafa Ahmed (GS) - 2020 (Graduate Research Assistant)
B.S., Virginia Tech, 2017
Eastman Chemical, 2017-2020
Research Interest: Organic and Polymer Synthesis
Email: ahmed166@purdue.edu

Mei group member

Joseph Romo (GS) - 2020 (Graduate Research Assistant)
B.A., Macalester College, 2018
Axalta Coating Systems, 2018-2020
Research Interests: Electrochemical Devices, Materials Processing and Manufacturing
Email: ​romo8@purdue.edu 

Mei group member

Zhiyang Wang (GS) - 2019 (Graduate Research Assistant)
​B.S., Indiana University, Bloomington, 2018
​​Research Interest: Analytical Science and Electrochemical Devices
Email: wang4482@purdue.edu

Mei group member

Yukun Wu (GS) - 2019 (Graduate Research Assistant)
B.S., Tsinghua University, China, 2018
​Research Interest: Organic and Polymer Synthesis
Email: wu1558@purdue.edu

Mei group member

Zhifan Ke (GS) - 2018 (Graduate Research Assistant)
B. E., Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, 2017
Research Interest: Thin Film Electronics and Electrochemical Devices
Email: ke17@purdue.edu

Mei group member

Ke Chen (GS) - 2018 (Graduate Research Assistant)
B.S., Central China Normal University, 2015
M.S., East China Normal university
Research Interest: Analytical Science and Electrochemical Devices
​Email: chen2932@purdue.edu

Mei group member

Kuluni Perera (GS) - 2017 (Graduate Research Assistant)
B.S. University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2016
​Research Interest: Analytical Science and Electrochemical Devices
Email: perera1@purdue.edu

Mei group member

Kaelon Athena Jenkins (GS) - 2017 (Graduate Teaching Assistant)
B.S. Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA, 2016
​Research Interest: Computational chemistry and thin film electronics
​Email: jenkin94@purdue.edu

Undergraduate Researchers

Mei group member

John Putziger - 2018


Mei group member

Dylan Forbes - 2020



"if you have passion for and fun at work, the probability for great discoveries is higher than if you do things just because they seem to be strategically well placed or because someone else is expecting you to work on them"  
by Ferdi Schüth 

"Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities; seize common occasions and make them great."
-- Orison Swett Marden

Former Postdoc

  1. Yan Zhao, ICCAS; 2014.08-2018.02 (currently MSE Faculty at Fudan University)
  2. Dazheng Huang, ICCAS; 2017.09-2018.09 
  3. Youlong Zhu, University of Colorado, Boulder; 2018.09-2019.05 (currently Faculty at Sun Yat-Sen University)
  4. Zhenran Yi, Wuhan University; 2018.09-2019.10 (currently Faculty at Fudan University)
  5. Jongsu Lee,  Konkuk University, Korea; 2019.09-2020.02 (currently Faculty at  Sunchon National University)
  6. Jongho Lee, National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Korea; 2020.08-2021.04 (Research Scientist, Samsung)
  7. Hongguang Shen, Institute of Chemistry, CAS, China; 2019.09-2021.08
  8. Na Gou (RS), Northeastern University; 2019.03-2022.01 (Currently Senior Instrument Specialist, Purdue University)  
  9. Xuefei Li, Penn State University, 2019.03-2022.03 (Currently Faculty at Georgia State University)
  10. Ranajit Mondol, University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands, 2021.03 - 2022.05 

Graduate Students

  1. Xikang Zhao, 2014-2017 (Postdoc, with Prof. Bryan Boudouris, Purdue University)
  2. Jiazhi He2015-2019 (Founding Member, Ambilight Inc)
  3. Aristide Gumyusenge2015-2019  (GLAM Postdoc, Stanford University, with Prof.  Zhenan Bao @Chemical Engineering and Prof. Alberto Salleo at MSE), currently faculty at MIT (2022 Spring).
  4. Jiayingzi Wu, 2016-2020, co-advised by Prof. Jin-Xin Chen at Boston   University (Research faculty at Shenzhen University)
  5. William McNutt, 2015-2021 (Research Scientist, DuPont, Marlborough MA
  6. Saadia Chaudhry, 2015-2021 (Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow, UIUC)
  7. Dung Tran, 2016-2022 (Micron Technologies, Boris, ID)
  8. Xuyi Luo, 2016-2022 (Postdoc, with Prof Letian Dou, Purdue University) 

Visiting Students and Scholars

  1. Guobiao Xue, V-GS, Zhejiang University, 2015.09-2016.09 (Professor, Zhejiang University)
  2. Tianbai Xu, V-GS, Zhejiang University, 2015.11-2016.11 (Microelectronics)
  3. Prof. Haijun Niu, Helongjiang University, 2016.03-2017.03
  4.  Lina Ma, V-GS, Harbin University of Technology, 2016.11-2017.05
    (Faculty at Qingdao University)
  5. Tianxiong Mi, V-UG, Peking University, July-Sep, 2017 (GS, Texas AM)
  6. Zhuorui Zhao, V-UG, Tsinghua University, July-Sep, 2016 (GS, UC San Diego)
  7. Maria Fernanda Lizarazo Rojas, V-UG,  Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Fall 2018
  8. Brandon Jang, Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, Fall, 2018 - Spring 2019 
  9. Ronaldo H. Franjul, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, Summer 2019
  10. Huihong Jiang, V-GS, Zhejiang University, 2019.09-2020.09

Undergraduate Students

  1. Conner Noel, UG, ChemE, 2014-2015
  2. Samuel Kim, UG, Biochem, 2015-2015
  3. Rachel Rahn, UG, ChemE, 2015-2016 (Engineer, Ecolab Inc)
  4. Michael Abu-Omar, UG, Biochem, 2015-2016
  5. Vani Singania, UG, Chemistry and Math, Spring 2015 - Spring, 2017 (GS, UCSB)
  6. Junchen Liu, UG, Chemical Engineering, 2015-2017, (GS, NC state, ChemE)
  7. Hongyi Zhang, UG, Chemistry, 2015-2017, (GS, U Chicago, IME)
  8. Sebastian  Kenny, UG, Chemistry, 2016-2017, (GS, Purdue, Chem)
  9. Jordan Hunter, GS-candidate, Chemistry, 2016-2018, (Transferred to Lipton Group)
  10. Xingrui Zhu, GS-MS, Chemical Engineering, 2017-2018 (Colorado School of Mines) ​​
  11. Natalie Kadlubowski, UG, Chemical Engineering, 2018-2020 (DuPont)
  12. Matt Fosdick, UG, Chemistry, 2020
  13. Hanning Jiang, UG, Chemistry, 2019-2021 (GS, Cornell Chemistry)

Awards and Recognitions:

  1. Rachel Rahn, the SURF fellowship, 2015 ; Best Poster Award at the 2015 Semiconductor Research Corporation TECHCON, 2015
  2. Michael Abu-Omar, the Margerum award, 2015
  3. Xikang Zhao, the PRF fellowship, 2015
  4. Vani Singania,  the Falkner Summer Research Award, 2016; Poster Award for 2016 Norte-Dame Purdue Symposium on Soft Matter and Polymers
  5. Aristide Gumyusenge, HC Brown Travel Grant, 2017;  Charles Viol Fellowship, 2018; HC Brown Travel Grant, 2019; HC Brown Graduate Student Award, 2019; MRS Graduate Student Gold Award, 2019;  Arthur Nowick Graduate Student, 2019​; the  GLAM Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2020-2022, Stanford University.
  6. Yan Zhao, Purdue Graudate School Postdoctoral Travel Grant, 2017
  7. Junchen Liu, the SURF fellowship, 2017
  8. M Kadlubowski, the SURF fellowship, 2018; Goldwater Scholar, 2019; Astronaut Scholar, 2019
  9. Xuyi Luo, HC Brown Symposium Poster Award, 2018
  10. Saadia T Chaudhry, HC Brown Travel Grant, 2018; Best Poster Award for 2018 Norte-Dame Purdue Symposium on Soft Matter and Polymers; the Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship, 2020; Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow, 2020.
  11. John Michael Putziger, Wolinsky Summer Research Fellowship, 2019; Outstanding Sophomore, College of Science, 2020;  the SURF fellowship, 2020;  the Astronaut Scholar, 2021.
  12. Dung Tran, Poster Award for 2019 Norte-Dame Purdue Symposium on Soft Matter and Polymers; HC Brown Travel Grant, 2020.
  13. Kuluni Perera, the Eastman Summer Graduate Fellowship, 2020; Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship, 2022.
  14. Mustafa Ahmed, Arthur Kelly Teaching Award, 2022HC Brown Travel Grant, 2022.
  15. Joe Romo, GEM PhD Engineering and Science Fellowship.